Knee Procedures
Meniscal Surgery

Meniscus is the C-shaped two pieces of cartilage located between thighbone and shin bone that act as shock absorbers and cushion the joints. Meniscus distributes the body weight uniformly across the joint and avoids the pressure on any one part of the joint and development of arthritis. Being the weight bearing part, meniscus is prone to wear and tear and meniscal tear is one of the common knee injuries. Meniscal tear may be developed by people of all ages and is more common in individuals who play contact sports.

Meniscal tear may cause severe pain, stiffness and swelling, catching or locking of the knee, and may limit the movement. Surgery is recommended in severe cases and when conservative treatments fail to relieve the pain.

Surgical treatment

If your meniscal tear causes pain and mechanical symptoms such as clicking, locking or catching, you may require arthroscopic knee surgery. This is performed as a day surgery “key-hole” procedure (see knee arthroscopy). In most circumstances only the damaged portion of the meniscus is excised.

In some circumstances depending on the configuration of the meniscus tear, the tear can be repaired. Your surgeon will discuss this option with you prior to surgery.

Meniscal Repair