Practitioner Info
Referrer Info

Referral Information

Thank you for referring your patient to SKS.

To help facilitate optimum continuity of care, please ensure that the patient brings the following to their appointment:

  • Your referral letter with details of co-morbidities and medications
  • A formal series of knee x-rays. These should include
    • AP erect view
    • Rosenberg PA weight bearing flexion views
    • Lateral knee x-ray
    • Skyline view

Clinical Information

A series of comprehensive patient information brochures about common surgical procedures are provided on this website, click here. These will address many of the questions you and your patients may have about common knee procedures.

SKS offers practical, GP-focused education programs on Knee Arthritis and Sports Knee Injuries. Our programs are fully accredited by the RACGP. For more information go to CPD Programs.

Please contact us on (02) 8307 0333 if you have any specific enquiries about the diagnosis and management of knee conditions.