SKS Revision Knee Clinic

The SKS Revision Knee Clinic at Kogarah is open,
and we’re here to help.

The goal of the SKS Revision Knee Clinic is to offer our expertise to patients who are having problems with a previous knee replacement that may require further surgery. Or maybe you’ve already had a revision joint replacement that is still not right, and you’d like to talk about your options.

Revision knee replacement surgery is significantly more complex than your original, or primary, joint replacement procedure. It is important that an accurate diagnosis is established before embarking on revision joint replacement surgery. The complex nature of revision joint replacement surgery requires a high level of surgeon experience to manage the surgical challenges both during and after surgery.

At the SKS Revision Knee Clinic, we take the time to understand your situation and how your problematic joint is affecting your life. We allow for an extended 45-minute consultation to enable a detailed knee assessment, a thorough explanation of our findings and a frank discussion of your treatment options. Our advice will be tailored to your individual situation, managing your expectations whilst delivering surgical solutions where appropriate with the best chance of success. 

Some joint problems are difficult treat. For example, when we’re presented with a painful knee replacement that was previously infected, we may be concerned that it’s infected again. Or some patients present with a long history of orthopaedic or other medical problems that can complicate joint replacements.  We have the resources to discuss these types of complex cases at our practice’s regular review meetings that consist of 4–6 experienced orthopaedic surgeons, with the goal of obtaining a consensus on the most effective and safest approach to these problems. This collaborative approach to your individual problem is an invaluable resource to assist in optimising a successful outcome.

Patients who are suitable for the SKS Revision Knee Clinic include those who are unhappy for any reason with the outcome of a previous knee replacement, or those with implants that have truly ‘worn out’. Some patients have never been satisfied with their joint replacement but have been told there is nothing more that can be done to treat this.  In this case, a second opinion may be valuable to either confirm the recommendation that further surgical intervention is not in your best interest, or offer a fresh perspective to explore if another option is suitable. 

If you have any of the following symptoms with your knee replacement, then you are a candidate to attend the SKS Revision Clinic.

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Instability
  • Long-term swelling
  • Recurring infection

Here’s what you’ll need at your first appointment:

  • A referral from your GP or current specialist
  • Relevant X-rays, CTs or bone scans and reports

We’re here to help, and we look forward to meeting you.

Our time. Our expertise. Your quality of life.